FAN AFARIN PARS KISH, Ltd is a professional training and R&D management provider founded in 2014. The company offers training courses as well as internationally recognized certificate programs within all disciplines of upstream oil and gas industry. We work together with our clients in providing competence-based training solutions to help conquer their business challenges by developing their human capital. We believe in a comprehensive approach: becoming a part of our client’s business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible so that we can offer tailor made training programs which will improve bottom line results and create a powerful impact lasting a lifetime.
The company was established as a subsidiary of KANDOKAV ENERGY PARS Co, a private joint sector mainly engaged in development of oil and gas fields via EPDS and MC contracts since 2001.
    To be at the forefront of energy industry by providing and maintaining a competent, highly skilled and safe human capital.
 In pursuing our vision, we are committed to:
•    Assist authorized organizations in developing and promoting professional competency standards, specifically in upstream oil and gas industry,
•    Deliver those competencies to the workforce through need-based training programs.

Core Values


• Quality Service
• Client satisfaction
• Loyalty to clients
• Building long lasting relationships with clients
• Confidentiality
• Sound leadership
• Ethical behavior
• Integrity
• Sustainability
• Excellence


• Striving to improve workforce competencies and skills, which will result in overall increase in efficiency
• Striving to improve service quality through continuous monitoring of internationally recognized curricula to ensure most up-to-date course content
• Training the most competent trainers to facilitate knowledge transfer within the community
• Supporting research projects capable of producing applied knowledge deliverable to the community.


In delivering our services, we take advantage of cooperation with science and technology institutions, as well as research and development organizations. In addition, we attend relevant exhibitions, conferences and seminars on a regular basis. The outcome of those interactions will be transferred to the oil and gas industry in the form of research proposals, technical reports and publications, training courses and conferences.