Advanced Drilling Technology

• General Information
This five-day course is the sequel to the PDT. Participants are recommended to complete the PDT and a well control course prior to enrolling in the ADT. This is a supervisor level course that is suited for experienced operator, contractor, and service company personnel.

• Course content

Course title

Course duration

Course content

Advanced Drilling Technology

5 Days 

• Pre-Spud Meeting
• Communication
• Hole Trends
• Problem Solving Model
• Drill String Design
• Casing & Cementing
• Drillout Considerations
• Leak-Off Tests & Formation Integrity Tests
• Tripping
• Limitations to Control Capability
• Salt Water Flows & Kick Identification
• Methods of Well Control
• (Driller’s Method, Wait & Weight, Volumetric & Lubrication, Modified Wait & Weight)
• Underground Blowouts
• Lost Circulation From Propagation Losses
• Deviation and Stuck Pipe
• Freeing Techniques
• Kick-Off Plugs
• Advanced Mud
• Advanced Mud Solids
• Hydraulics
• Top Hole Cleaning
• Shallow Gas and Diverting
• Causes of Abnormal Pressure
• WC Red Flags and Transition Zone Indicators
• Logging and Perforating
• High Press/High Temp Considerations
• Shales
• BOP Equipment Considerations
• Subsea Equipment Considerations
• Gas Cap Drilling
• Squeezing for Holes in Shoes & Top of Liners
• Liner Cementing
• Production Squeezes

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