IADC DIT Stuck Pipe Prevention

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The objectives of this three-day course are to present methods of preventing and freeing stuck pipe, and also to present the philosophy and methodology of fishing. A review of common fishing tools and their use will also be presented. The course is designed for supervisors with knowledge of normal drilling operations.

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Course content

Stuck Pipe Prevention (IADC DIT accredited)

2 days + 1 day (exam)

• Fundamentals of Geology and Wellbore Stability Fundamentals: Overburden effects, Vertical and Horizontal Stress, Well path effects, Rock Stress vs Rock Strength
• Stuck Pipe Team
• Stuck Pipe Mechanisms and Causes
• Defining Differential Sticking, Wellbore Geometry and Hole Pack Off
• Hole Packoff and Hole Cleaning
• Cutting vs carving
• High Angle Hole cleaning
• Drilling & Tripping Practices
• Differential Sticking
• Causes of Differential Sticking
• Prevention Guidelines – Tripping and Drilling
• Hole Pack-Off – Causes, Warnings, Prevention
• Hole Cleaning
• Wellbore Geometry – Causes, Warnings and Prevention
• Freeing Techniques
• Stuck Pipe Mechanism worksheet

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