Operational Drilling Technology

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The objective of this course is to train drilling supervisors how to properly supervise a drilling operation. This ten-day course covers drilling practices and problems from spud to completion for all levels from assistant driller to drilling manager. The course is taught by hole-intervals starting with top-hole problems related to big-hole and normal pressure. After an appropriate casing string has been set, drilling continues into the abnormal pressure zone and heavy mud practices and problems are discussed. Well control is introduced as one of the drilling problems and taught by hole-interval, with training enhanced by hands-on simulator practice. Associated problems such as lost circulation and stuck pipe are discussed along with well control. IWCF and IADC Level 4-Supervisory Well Control certifications are offered through this course. Students must select which certification they desire when enrolling in the course. They may also choose to take this course without certification. instructor will assess the student’s operational or technical strengths or weaknesses through evaluations based on their performance.

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Course content

Operational Drilling Technology

10 Days

• Things that do NOT Enhance Making Hole
• Pre-Spud Meeting & Considerations
• Drill String Design
• Drillout Considerations
• Leak Off and Formation Capability Tests
• Limitations to Control Capability
• Salt Water Flows
• Kill Sheets
• Simulator Training
• Methods of Well Control
• General Mud Topics
• Shallow Gas and Kicks
• Diverting
• Surface Casing
• Top Hole Cleaning and Trends
• Hydraulics
• Well Control Problem Diagnosis and Solutions
• Mud Solids
• Lost Circulation
• Deviation and Stuck Pipe
• Difficult Well Control Situations
• Tripping Practices and Considerations
• H2S Safety
• Causes of Abnormal Pressure
• WC Red Flags & Transition Zone Indicators
• Managed Pressure Drilling
• Shale Problems
• Wellhead Installation
• Casing & Cementing
• Good Mud Practices
• Logging and Perforating
• BOP Equipment
• ECD Drilling
• UBO and Barite Plugs
• Overview of Optimization Procedures
• Bits
• Differential Sticking and Freeing Techniques
• Kick Off Plugs
• Drill Stem Test Considerations
• Gas Cap Drilling
• Liner Cementing
• Squeeze Cementing and Production Squeezing
• Completion Methods and Workover Fluids

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