IBOEHS International Certificate in Roustabout Program (ICRP)

• General Information
“Roustabout” is an official classification of natural oil and gas rig personnel. They typically perform various jobs requiring little training. An oil roustabout has no limits in the oil industry and can, and will do any and all oil field work, including roughneck drilling, oil well completion and well service, and even chemical work. However, they frequently turn out to be long-term employees and take on more difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs as they gain experience. Most go on to at least become “roughnecks” if they work for the rig company for more than a few months. Eligibilities include beginners to start their oil & gas career with limited supervision. It is preferred to have a successful completion of high School Diploma or equivalent.

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Course content

IBOEHS International Certificate in Roustabout Program (ICRP)

5 Days +1 day (exam)

• Oil & Gas Upstream fundamentals (drilling operations and rig personnel)
• Hazards on the rig (both onshore and offshore)
• Platform Arrival and Departure
• Emergency Response
• Handling Hazardous Materials & Waste
• Rigging Familiarization & Crane Hand Signaling and Gestures
• Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

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