IBOEHS Registered Safety Professional (RSP)

• General Information
The Registered Safety Professional® (RSP) provides recommendations and actions for the prevention of accidents and/or incidents, which may cause injury or illness to people, damage to property, or destruction to a community (environmental). They employ various analytical methods to identify physical and health hazards. Then recommend and / or implement appropriate control measures (engineer, administrative, work practice, and / or personal protective equipment) to eliminate or mitigate the hazard. Prerequisites include RSM or equivalent; Bachelor degree in any field or Associate degree in health and safety; plus five years experience in the health and safety flied.

• Course content

Course title

Course duration

Course content

IBOEHS Registered Safety Professional (RSP)

6 Days +1 day (exam)

• Occupational Safety
• Duties of a Safety Professional
• Hazard Recognition and Control Measures
• Conducting Workplace / Jobsite Hazard Assessment
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Material Storage&, various types of slings and its safety precautions
• Construction Site Safety
• Office Safety
• Hazardous Materials Management
• Working in Confined Spaces
• Safety Inspections Motivation
• Accident Investigation
• Human Anatomy and Physiology
• Industrial Toxicology Gases, Vapors and Solvents
• Medical Surveillance (Screening)
• Types of Terroristic Threats

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