Rig Inspection

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Rig inspection training course enables candidates to gain skills and competence necessary for carrying out rig Inspection/audits, commissioning, compliance & acceptance, as well as operations and maintenance for both offshore and land drilling rigs. Attendees will be well qualified to deliver drilling rig inspection and maintenance required to ensure operations’ readiness throughout drilling. They learn to implement relevant standards and best practices to assess the condition of a rig’s equipment, thus reducing total non-productive time, while maintaining overall asset’s health and integrity. The course can be customized to accommodate the needs of a specific audience, e.g. drilling supervisors, rig managers, maintenance and inspection engineers, …

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Rig Inspection

5 Days

  • Conduct a basic visual rig inspection using a defined format
  • Identify major items that may impact safety and operational capability of drilling rigs
  • Describe the main criteria and main items of rig equipment
  • Describe the classification and registration of offshore drilling units
  • Recognize indications of overall drilling rig condition and maintenance status
  • Identify standards used in the drilling industry (e.g. API) and their application to drilling equipment
  • Explain the purpose and meaning of and content of an equipment certificate
  • Identify common deficiencies found on well control equipment
  • Introduction to Rig Inspections and equipment measurements
  • Understand rig commissioning of drilling units & prepare standard check list
  • Identify rig equipment and understand safety principles
  • Overview of drilling operations and Safety Case studies
  • Understand operational rig systems
  • Foreseeing and lowering risk
  • Impacts and risks on critical equipment
  • Links between Safety and Inspections
  • Advanced inspection techniques on critical and safety operational equipment Impact of inspections on uptime
  • Equipment maintenance and the effect on Operations
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Effective communication of findings
  • Inspection reports and general reporting tips

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