Practical Drilling Technology

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The objective of this five-day drilling technology course is to equip drilling personnel with the technical tools needed to become effective supervisors. This is Part 1 of a two-course series in drilling technology. This course is suited for operator, contractor, and service company personnel who seek a more in-depth understanding of drilling operations.

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Course duration

Course content

Practical Drilling Technology

5 Days

• Communication
• Hole Trends
• Problem Solving Model
• Bits
• Drill String Basics
• Tripping Practices
• Deviation & Stuck Pipe
• Circulation System
• Casing & Cementing
• Abnormal Pressure
• Mud & Mud Solids
• Drillout Considerations
• Leak-Off Tests
• Formation Integrity Tests
• Well Control Red Flags
• Shallow Gas Kicks
• Diverting
• BOP Equipment Considerations
• Salt Water Flows and Kick Identification
• Well Control (Driller’s Method and Wait & Weight)
• Kill Sheets
• Lost Circulation in Vugular Formations
• H2S Safety
• Workover and Completions

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